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Benefits provided by your employer

Some employers provide one or combination of the benefits detailed below to their employees as part of an overall package. If you have any benefits of this nature, please tell us about them in order that we can factors this into our advice to you. You do this by completing the online form below and sending it to us.

Life Insurance otherwise known as death in service benefit. This is often based on a multiple (typically three of four times) your basic salary. For example a person earning a salary of £20,000 per year may have death in service benefits of £60,000 or £80,000

Private Medical Insurance provides insurance cover for you and your family to fund the costs of in-patient and outpatient medical care

Permanent Health Insurance is a type of insurance policy that pays you a replacement income when you are unable to work due to ill health for a pre-defined period of time

Pension Plan – A method of saving for your retirement. Some pension plans enable both you and your employer to pay money into them for your benefit

Share Option Schemes provide some employees with the option to purchase shares in their employers company at a fixed price. Some company’s make provision for their employees to save for this by operating a monthly savings plan for them


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