Martin Carey - Chief Investment Officer and Senior Wealth Manager

Martin has 40 Years of experience in Banking and Investments, beginning his career with Lloyds Bank in 1979, and learning his trade in the numerous roles within retail banking. In the 90’s Martin became a top performing in-house Financial Adviser with Lloyds Bank which resulted in his transfer to Lloyds Offshore Banking in Hong Kong and later he moved across to International Private Banking. After a return to the UK working as an Onshore Private Banking manager, Martin was appointed to the International Team at Nordea Private Bank in Zurich, Switzerland in 2008.

For the past 7 years Martin has been working within Global Wealth Management in Gibraltar, Zurich and more recently with Forvest Group, a Geneva based Family office during which time he has established a strong network of both client and professional contacts.

As a result of his various appointments Martin has an extensive knowledge of private client investment management and wealth management. Martin obtained the Securities Institute, Investment Management Certificate in 2002 and has been head of Discretionary Portfolio Manager teams and Asset Allocation policy. As a result he possesses the skills and experience to complete investment analysis of all investment instruments and the structures in which they are held.

Martin is currently based in the UK, in Shropshire and travels extensively to service his private client’s needs. Martin started his twin roles within Abacus Wealth Management in January 2020.

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