How we will seek to advise you

Our service proposition has been carefully designed to focus on the following areas:

  • We seek to listen to you and understand your requirements in depth - We do this by meeting with you and recording details about your personal and financial situation together with a summary of what outcomes you are trying to achieve from our advice. This enables us to recommend solutions that are tailored and designed specifically to meet your aspirations

  • Independence – We recommend products and services from the whole of the market. We have no bias as the fees we charge are the same, regardless of the products and services we recommend. There may be occasions when we recommend products and services provided by Abacus Financial Services Limited. In this scenario, we will demonstrate in writing why such recommendations are to your benefit versus other solutions that we are able to recommend.

  • We demonstrate how we can meet your aspirations by providing a detailed written report before you make any commitments – This explains how and why we have recommended a certain course of action. The report also links the specific features of the products and services recommended to the aspirations you have outlined to us and explains how those aspirations can be met.

  • No surprises policy – We want you to be happy with the advice and service you receive from us to the extent that you would recommend us to your friends and family. This will only be possible if we tell you about both the positive and negative aspects of any products and services we may recommend to you, so that you never have any surprises. In turn, we hope this will foster the level of trust that you should be entitled to expect from a professional wealth management firm. We commit to conducting our services in this manner at all times.

  • Cost transparency – You will always know in advance of engaging our services, exactly what you are paying for our services. We will provide you with our client agreement (please refer to the fees/costs section of our website) at the start of any engagement which details all of our costs that can apply at any time. We will also disclose to you the fees of any third party providers we may recommend to you in our written reports.

  • Technology – Our aim is embrace the digital age for your convenience. We will seek to recommend solutions (without compromising the effectiveness of the recommend solutions) that provide online visibility of your assets that we look after for you.

  • Ongoing service – We recognise that the only certainty in life is change. With this in mind, we seek to support you and any changes to your aspirations throughout our relationship. Our client agreement provides full details of our ongoing service propositions.

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